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AH# 37293--Creekfound Indiana 4.6" Turkey Tail (or Adena)
Price: $295.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 93
AH# 36384--Creekfound Indiana Adena Waubesa 'polisher'
Price: $43.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 281
Excellent Group 6 Feurt Village Site Ft. Ancient Triangles
Price: $25.00
Status: Pending Sale
Total Views: 18
Fine 2 7/16" Kentucky Paleo Beaver Lake Hornstone
Price: $125.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 58

Seguin Show

Seguin Show
Seguin Show
Seguin Show
Seguin Show
Seguin Show
Seguin Show
Total visits 175
Store: Sierra Artifacts
Price: $ 0.00 Status: Available
This is the first time to go to the Seguin show. Most of the regulars were there plus some new faces. The first photo is a group of St. Mary's Hall pieces from the Lee county Sandpit. The second is Lee Posey with his Base Tangs followed by Bill German and his wife, with a group of keepers also fro the Lee County Sandpit (Goldsand). I put in a shot of me and Gavian at our table followed by Harold Hughes. I also put in a photo of Dwain Rogers and A.J. Mikleska.
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing

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