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(1476) * Outstanding Paleo Ovoid Knife Howard Co Missouri
Price: $325.00
Status: Sold
Total Views: 174
(1469) * Museum Quality Engraved Woodland Elbow Pipe Greenup Co Ky COA
Price: $325.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 168
Fine & Large 4 15/16" Illinois Etley
Price: $135.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 54
Excellent 2 11/16" Illinois Angostura Jackson COA
Price: $85.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 35

AH# 36365-Early Archaic Bevel--Lost Lake, Indiana

AH# 36365-Early Archaic Bevel--Lost Lake, Indiana
AH# 36365-Early Archaic Bevel--Lost Lake, Indiana
AH# 36365-Early Archaic Bevel--Lost Lake, Indiana
AH# 36365-Early Archaic Bevel--Lost Lake, Indiana
Total visits 73
Store: R.A.Autry Artifacts
Price: $ 75.00 Status: Available
A southwest Indiana-found Early Archaic point type variously called an Archaic Bevel--or a variation of the Lost Lake points. The transition from Kirk Cornernotched types to Lost Lake wasn't fully complete as there aren't the long barbs of the Lost Lakes--STRONG bevel sharpening, though. Basal grinding is lighter, too more like the Kirks as the Lost Lakes which have very heavy basal polish. The piece is from the Gibson County, Indiana, area, made of Indiana Hornstone 2.75" by 1.25". The short barbs have small end-chips from ancient usage, and there is a very slight edge fracture off the side of the tip--photos should show the old damage--lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. The point was never cleaned, soil still in the fractures. Free shipping, and payment preferred by either check or money order--Roy A.
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing

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