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AH# 36384--Creekfound Indiana Adena Waubesa 'polisher'
Price: $43.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 281
AH# 37293--Creekfound Indiana 4.6" Turkey Tail (or Adena)
Price: $295.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 93
Fine 2 7/16" Kentucky Paleo Beaver Lake Hornstone
Price: $125.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 58
Excellent Group 6 Feurt Village Site Ft. Ancient Triangles
Price: $25.00
Status: Pending Sale
Total Views: 18

AH# 36287--Unfluted Paleo Cumberland, Kentucky

AH# 36287--Unfluted Paleo Cumberland, Kentucky
AH# 36287--Unfluted Paleo Cumberland, Kentucky
AH# 36287--Unfluted Paleo Cumberland, Kentucky
AH# 36287--Unfluted Paleo Cumberland, Kentucky
Total visits 443
Store: R.A.Autry Artifacts
Price: $ 110.00 Price Reduced Status: Available
This Unfluted Cumberland is much thicker than the Beaver Lake points, caliper reads the medial ridge at 3/8", but symmetrical with length being 2&7/8" by 15/16"--material is Ft. Payne "chert grade" as opposed to some Ft. Payne which is much higher silicate. That grade of material may be why the piece wasn't fluted. The Paleo knapper spent considerable time grinding the lateral edges and the auriculate base, though. The center of the inverted base has a flat-ground spot, almost as though it were being prepared for a fluting baton to create the full length flute.A quartz streak running through the base may have been why the knapper quit when they did, he may have understood that the point would shatter if he attempted to run a channel flake. There is one ancient notch in the blade edge, very patinated. The lance is ex G.Noel, but I didn't get a Kentucky county of origin. Every detail is guaranteed authentic. Payment PREFERRED to be by either check or money order, but pay pal accepted--Roy A.
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing

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