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(1476) * Outstanding Paleo Ovoid Knife Howard Co Missouri
Price: $325.00
Status: Sold
Total Views: 174
Fine & Large 4 15/16" Illinois Etley
Price: $135.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 54
Excellent 2 11/16" Illinois Angostura Jackson COA
Price: $85.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 35
(1469) * Museum Quality Engraved Woodland Elbow Pipe Greenup Co Ky COA
Price: $325.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 168

AH# 36184--Creekfound Indiana Greenbrier

AH# 36184--Creekfound Indiana Greenbrier
AH# 36184--Creekfound Indiana Greenbrier
AH# 36184--Creekfound Indiana Greenbrier
AH# 36184--Creekfound Indiana Greenbrier
Total visits 108
Store: R.A.Autry Artifacts
Price: $ 53.00 Status: Available
A streambed find from the Dubois--Spencer County, Indiana, area, The Greenbrier is made of hornstone, 2&11/16" by 1&5/16". The tip was anciently formed into a preforator or gouge with small edge flakes removed to make a needle point. The basal edge is ground and center-notched. From the sort of thick body this must have had several sharpenings that reduced the overall length--tip and basal area are thinned, but the center of the body reaches 7/16"--tells me there was a much longer blade to the knife originally. Patination is excellent, every possible detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the $53 price, nothing additional, and payment to be by either check or money order. Pal pal NOT accepted--Roy A.
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