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(1279) * Fine Notched Charmstone Tulare Lake Kings Co California
Price: $175.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 250
(1447) * Superb Coshocton Ohio Paleo Lance Coshocton Co Oh
Price: $150.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 377
AH#-- 34266--Sonora flint Knobbed Hardin, 3.75"
Price: $100.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 732
Fantastic 1 15/16" Hornstone Kirk Corner Notch Overstreet COA
Price: $55.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 186
Beautiful 2 11/16" Dovetail Boone County, Missouri
Price: $100.00
Status: Available
Total Views: 290

Killer Etley

Killer Etley
Killer Etley
Killer Etley
Total visits 70
Store: Lances Relics
Price: $ 100.00 Status: Available
Free shipping, A nice 3 3/8" Etley with great form, and a needle sharp tip. This example is covered in great deposits and is a high grade example. Found in Miller co Missouri.
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing

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